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Discontinuing Support

I will not be creating a Revit 2021 version of the tools. I will make the current versions available for a while. If you are interested in doing something with the source code, contact me.

WhiteFeet Tools for Revit

The installation program includes all of the tools and the documentation.

  ♦   Download the .ZIP file for the appropriate Revit version from the link below.

  ♦   !!!!! --- IMPORTANT --- !!!!!   [Right-Click] on the .ZIP file, select "Properties", and run the "Unblock" command.

  ♦   Extract the files to a folder.

  ♦   Run the “WhiteFeet.Installation.****.exe” file.


Current Free Versions:

Revit 2020:   WhiteFeet Tools 2020

Revit 2019:   WhiteFeet Tools 2019A


Legacy require installion of license file (provided.):

All Licenses:   WhiteFeetTools

Revit 2019:   WhiteFeet Tools 2019

Revit 2018:   WhiteFeet Tools 2018

Revit 2017:   WhiteFeet Tools 2017

Revit 2016:   WhiteFeet Tools 2016

Revit 2015:   WhiteFeet Tools 2015

Revit 2014:   WhiteFeet Tools 2014

ACE Pass-Through Database Service

A Windows service installed separately from Revit in order to link the WhiteFeet RevitDbLink Tool to Microsoft Access in 64-bit Windows.

AcePassThrough Net4 Setup: AcePassThroughNet4Setup.msi

Sample Data Sets

These samples may be helpful in understanding how to use some of the tools. (Data is Revit 2014 but should update to current version.

Testing ( meaningless data ): WhiteFeet Data Set - API

Building Data Process: WhiteFeet Data Set - Building Data

ModelBuilder - Hummingbird: WhiteFeet Data Set - ModelBuilder -

ModelBuilder - Shape Files: WhiteFeet Data Set - ModelBuilder - Shape

This sample data will be helpful in setting up a database link.

Access Database: RevitDbLink - Access - Sample Data

SQL Server Database: RevitDbLink - SQL Server 2005 - Sample Data

Version Compatibility

If you have installed the WhiteFeet Tools from the Autodesk Exchange Site the installation is different.

I'm not really sure what will happen if you mix the installations. I am working to reconcile them. For now, if you want to install this version I suggest you uninstall the other one first. The version on this site will generally be the most current but may not be as fully tested.

Some directions in case you have difficulty: Making a Clean Installation of the WhiteFeet Tools.pdf


Hummingbird - Rhino to Revit Translation


Hummingbird is a project that is related to the WhiteFeet Tools for Revit but includes other material as well. This installation program will install the Rhino components as well as the WhiteFeet ModelBuilder Tool.

Note: This version works with Revit 2018 through 2020. It requires Rhino 6. The installation program will install the Rhino components as well as the Revit ModelBuilder Tool

Hummingbird Setup (Includes CSV Viewer): HummingbirdSetupRh6Rv2020.msi

Hummingbird Supplemental Material:

Hummingbird CSV Viewer Setup (For use without Rhino-Grasshopper): HummingbirdCsvViewerSetup.msi

Additional information about Hummingbird is available at: Hummingbird Wordpress Site.

The core Hummingbird code can be used to build geometry in Revit from sources other than Rhino-Grasshopper. You will need to know how to program in Visual Studio to use this. Contact me for sample C# code if you are interested in this.

Sample Data

ModelBuilder - Hummingbird - 2015: WhiteFeet Data Set - ModelBuilder - Hummingbird -

ModelBuilder - Hummingbird - 2014: WhiteFeet Data Set - ModelBuilder -


Update Log and Legacy Version Downloads

Update Log and Support files

Update Log: Lists changes by version and build date.

Cannot Run Error: Describes the work-around to a common installation error.

Revit 2013 Menu Set

Revit 2013 Menu Set

Revit 2013 Add-in File

Revit 2013 Documentation

Revit 2012 Menu Set

Revit 2012 Menu Set

Revit 2012 Add-in File

Revit 2012 Documentation

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