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The WhiteFeet Tools for Revit consist of a collection of small, generally independent, programs that have each been created to address a specific need. Typically, a project would encounter a problem, or envision an opportunity, that suggested a customization. A tool was developed to address this need, but in a way that was slightly more general, so that it could be used in other ways and on other projects.

At the same time, the design of each tool is intentionally limited so that they don’t suffer from trying to be all things to all people. In particular, they are not intended to be particularly “user friendly.” Rather, they are “user respectful”, providing an effective solution for the thoughtful user, and assuming that the less-capable ones will get some help.

A. Sheet Manager: Links to an Excel file. Creates or updates sheets in Revit as a bulk editing process.

B. Revit-Database Link: Connect to either an Access or a SQL Server database and synchronize data in both directions.

C. Model Builder: Import and export Revit elements in a way that allows geometry exchange with other programs.

D. Area & Mass Tools: Placing unplaced areas; creating solid forms from areas; and counting the floors in a mass object.

E. Room Tools: Placing unplaced rooms; creating rooms from areas; and, creating solid forms from rooms.

F. View Tools: Creating views from rooms; tagging views; exporting images from views; and, creating sheets from views.

G. Parameter Tools: String and number manipulation; relating data between object types; and, importing and exporting of model data.

H. Family Tools: Exporting detailed information about families, symbols and tags; importing parameters; and, batch processing families.

I. Schedule Tools: Working with schedules and key schedules with Excel; editing instance values; creating a table and type schedule.

J. Management Tools: Displaying the various forms of classification use with families; and, managing attachment links.

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